MTaR (Multi Touch analog Resistive) is the innovative proprietary multi-touch technology developed by Haptyc and applicable to ANY analog resistive touch-screen. MTaR Technology is a low cost technology enabling at the same time: high-precision multi-touch positions tracking and high-precision pressure value detection.

  • Low Cost & Easy Integration

    MTaR requires the same connections of currently adopted single touch controller. Single-touch controller substitution with MTaR multi-touch controller is almost plug and play.

  • Scalable Screen Size

    MTaR enables multi-touch on any Analog Resistive touchscreen ranging from 2" to 24".

  • Pressure Detection

    MTaR detect touch-pressure value with extreme accuracy. New features enabled: Asian style writing and brush painting.

  • 4, 5 and 8 Wires

    MTaR technology is extremely flexible and compatible with ANY analog-resistive touch panel. Many different applications have been validated in both consumer-electronics and professional markets.

  • Work with any Objects

    MTaR enables the multi-touch feature with any object: fingers, stylus/pen, gloved hands, gloved screen, nails and more.

  • Electronic Features

    MTaR has a very high electronic reliability like any standard analog-resistive touch module: low power consumption, high EMI immunity, under-water operations, etc.

  • Touch Points Tracking

    MTaR retrieves a high-precision tracking of two points on the touchscreen area. Minimum two touch-points distance detection can be as low as 0.5 mm.

  • Zoom and Rotate

    MTaR enables Analog Resistive touchscreen to standard gestures like Zoom and Rotate.

  • Gestures Recognition

    The acquisition and tracking of exact touch coordinates allows any resistive touch panel to recognize multitouch gestures.