MTaR technology has been validated by leading International Corporations on consumer electronics and professional markets.

Consumer Electronics

Low cost and low power consumption multi-touch solution.
Stylus and gloved hands touch enabled.
Low cost multi-touch solution and stylus/pen recognition.
Game consoles
Brush enabled interactions and low cost multi-touch solution.
Portable Navigation Devices
Low cost/high-reliability zoom gesture.
Printers and Multifunction devices
Direct image manipulation (zoom, crop and rotate) and low cost multi-touch.
Home Appliance
Low cost multi-touch solutions. Gloved hands enabled.
In-car computer
High-reliability multi-touch enabled devices at low cost.
Low cost multi-touch devices with low power consumption.

Professional Electronics

Handheld medical
Low cost multi-touch enabled devices operating with stylus/pen and gloved hands.
Display devices in surgical enviroment
Gloved hands multi-touch solutions for large screens. Compatible with currently adopted touchscreens.
Handheld industrial
Stylus/pen and gloved hands low cost multi-touch.
Multi-touch devices with high electromagnetic and mechanical reliability (EMI-immunity).
High reliability multi-touch: mechanical reliability, full EMI immunity, operating under water, gloved hands activated, wide temperature and humidity operational range.
Security systems
Gloved hands low cost multitouch for large screens and multi-monitor.