About Us

The Company

Haptyc is a startup company developing breakthrough technologies on the analog-resistive touch market. It has been founded by four entrepreneurs with more then 40 years of cumulated high-tech business expertise.

The Value Proposition

The core technology is MTaR that stands for Multi Touch analog Resistive, an ultra low cost technology enabling multitouch detection on any existent analog resistive touch-panels. The core technology is protected by 4 international patents.

The Logo

Haptyc company name is derived from the greek word 'apto' that means touch. Today an interface is defined haptic when it returns a tactile sensation during operation. The resistive touch-screen for its native structure is a natural haptic interface and it returns a tactile feedback in passive way. The logo suggests the Haptyc company function into the day by day life: to provide a light and simple link between the human being (circle) and the technological world (square).