• Exact coordinates Tracking
  • Compatible with any resistive touch screen
  • Paintbrush on the screen

True Multi Touch on Analog Resistive

MTaR is the innovative Haptyc multi-touch technology for analog resistive touch screens with high precision pressure value detection, low-cost and low-power consumption.


In 2008 Haptyc has developed the first proprietary multi-touch technology for main-stream 4-wire, 5-wire and 8-wire analog resistive touch modules, enabling also high precision pressure value detection. Today Haptyc collaborates with global market leaders, developing a significant portfolio of proprietary technologies for both industrial and consumer touch markets.

MTaR Technology: True Multi-Touch on Analog Resistive

MTaR involves both hardware and software to acquire and process the analog inputs provided by the touch-panel. MTaR is flexible; innovation is concentrated in the touch-controller and it does not introduce additional implementation costs compared to standard single touch solutions; adopting MTaR also system integration costs are kept low maintaining compatibility with any analog resistive touch-panel. MTaR can be implemented for 4-, 5- and 8-wire analog-resistive touch modules.